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Our capacity lies not only in supplying safety vinyl floors but also installing at reasonable costs. We make free inspection and assessment and offer our specification immediately with reasonable cost.
We offer minimum period of 10 years performance guarantee. ACAT offers supply and installation of polyflor safety vinyl and industrial flooring and home aesthetic services.

Vinyl flooring has become high fashion in EUROPE BECAUSE they are tougher than you would imagine. They are easier to walk on as it's slightly cushioned, by comparison with concrete or tiled floors. They feature excellent durability, even in high traffic areas. This means you can install them in corridors, in the kitchen and living room and not have to worry that your adorable family will tread a worn path in the floor. You can drop things onto it and there won't be any chips as with tiles. Polyflor vinyl floors are made from polyurethane technology, which is the most advanced technology for surface protection in the world today.
- Customized designs options incorporating logo or family crest
- Homogeneity of all surfaces and absence of wearability
- Durability assured having shown resistance to acids ,alkalis and common detergents. Independent Govt test in the UK shows it inhabit bacteria growth.
Our industrial flooring services are based on the latest technological advancements in the field of Epoxy Flooring and Polyurethane flooring, self leveling and concrete repairs. Whether waterproofing a new or existing structure, regardless if the service need is preventative or reactive our comprehensive of waterproofing technologies gives an edge in selecting the perfect solution for our growing list of satisfied clients. ids_fl
Epoxy tops are well known in the construction industry due to the flexibility and good finish achievable using the various formulations of epoxy. There has been developments and improvement in the properties of epoxy in recent times allowing for its use in durable crack treatment. Our ranges of epoxy are from our don construction and sika names that are associated with quality in the industry.
stair We offer solutions for floor coverings, barrier matting, wall protection, soft furnishing and lighting design, in addition to a comprehensive range of stair edging and floor trim profiles, for a wide range of contract environments. Our range of Floor matting’s from Plastex’s high performance flooring and matting solutions are developed with differing performance features to meet the diverse requirements of commercial applications in busy and demanding indoor and outdoor environments designed to work independently or in combination with one another to provide the required level of soil removal and slip resistance inside, outside or adjoining buildings slip resistant and self draining roof walkway matting for safe access in all weathers and roof membrane protection.
waterprof We offer you Integral Waterproofing with the most advanced waterproofing technology today; this gives unparalleled cost savings and effectiveness in waterproofing in the world today. Our Hycrete integral admix provides a rust protection by creating a passivating layer around reinforcements. Depending on the project we have liquid crystalline waterproofing admixture the only recognized liquid form of this technology from KALMATRON Concrete Upgrading Admixtures. These Products offers performance warranty as they gives a complete waterproofing system hydrophobic admixtures reduce both the surface concentration of chlorides in concrete as well as the diffusion coefficient. Also, some hydrophobic admixtures protect steel in both cracked as well as uncracked concrete concrete.
Our waterproofing services include roof coating and renovation, UV resistance coatings with enhanced adhesive capacity for below ground level waterproofing, capillary action treatment .Crack treatment with specialized epoxy crack fillings. Expansion joints seals and dynamic joint seals. Membranous Felt installation for roof terraces and gutters are available upon clients specific demand.
fibre_flr The addition of fibers to your concrete mixes gives a longer span and more flexibility to your concrete works allowing you more room in your designs. The advantage of the “three dimensional reinforcement is unparalleled, preventative or reactive our comprehensive of waterproofing technologies gives an edge in selecting the perfect solution for our growing list of satisfied clients.
d_con From the world leader in supplying fibers for secondary concrete reinforcement to the construction market. We bring you cynthetic fibers, steel fibers and highly engineered fiber blends that are designed to provide superior concrete crack control over the entire life span of the concrete.

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