Polyurea Liners for Tanking and Secondary Containment

This is a  video showing the refurbishment of a drinking water tank in Italy with our pure Polyurea Rayston(blue colour) sprayed onto our Geomax Spray 200 geotextile. This system has saved a lot of money and time in substrate preparation and priming.

Visit this Link >> http://anarola.com/IMG_1004.mov

Firstly the GEOMAX SPRAY 200 is fixed over the concrete surface. If the concrete surface is not well dry or not well repaired, it is not a problem. Afterwards a seamless continuous liner is created by spraying polyurea over the geotextile.

GEOMAX SPRAY 200 is a special geotextile, needle felt. Needle felt geotextiles have got some advantages over thermobonded geotextiles: better elongation, flexibility and puncture resistance. However on the other side the quantity of resin needed to well coat a geotextile like this is quite larger and there is the risk to have got some lose uncoated fibres, so most of the times the finish coat has got low quality and no nice aesthetical appearance.

GEOMAX SPRAY 200 is thermobonded in just one side, the side where Polyurea should be applied, that allows for lower resin consumption and an excellent finish by keeping the better mechanical properties of a needle felt geotextile.

Please contact us if you need more information on this particular system.